Sunday, October 30, 2011

No regrets!

Hey everyone,

A friend of mine died this morning.  She had cancer.  A terrible disease.  Her last few days, I just couldn't get to her.  Every time I plan to see her, something came up.  When I heard that she passed, I felt regretful.  I sat in the sea of regret for awhile.  Feeling like I let her down.  But I didn't.  Thinking back on the times when I visited her in the hospital, our conversations.  The cancer had spread through her entire body and the doctors were at a loss.  She accepted it and gave God praise always.  It is amazing to see someone praising God, knowing that their days on this earth is about to end.  She was not afraid because she knew where she was going.  Only God can give her that kind of peace and strength.  So remembering her attitude, her believing and trusting in God, I did not let her down.  I did what God wanted me to do.  I will miss her but she is in a better place with the Father.
God is in control.  Before she was born, God knew the day she will die.  Like her we have to accept. TGBTG!!!

Dinner is not served!  Yet!

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