Monday, October 24, 2011


Hey everyone,

When God is blessing you, making your crooked paths straight, turning your frowns into smiles, making you shout for Joy, praising Him and thanking Him in any moment, stay focus.  If you say that you know how He is blessing you, focus on that.  Don't follow the crowd.  You will end up in a ditch.  You can stand.  He said that He will not give you a burden you cannot bare.  So you can bare to stand.  You can keep His commandments.
If you grow weak, ask Him to help you, to strengthen you.  He will.  I am a witness.  That's how I learned to talk and listened to Him all day long.  Because I need Him all day long.  Have the understanding that You can do all things through Him.
 For dinner I had  curried chicken and diced  Irish potatoes over a bed of white rice.   Delicious!  

I want to have a week of just salads.  Why is that so difficult??

The pain I had a few days ago is gone so I was able to run 4 miles today with ease.  November 1st I will be adding a half mile to my jog.  By the end of this year I will have completed a 5 mile jog.  That is my goal.  To jog 5 miles a day.  I will not push my self beyond that point.  Checking into entering marathons next year.  One of my many dreams.  Thank You God for time!

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