Sunday, October 9, 2011

My worship!!!

Hey everyone!

I went to dinner with my cousin and aunt at TGIF.  During lunch I got a call.  I got an answer to something I was fasting and praying for.  Waiting patiently for God's answer.  Boy, did He answered.  I started screaming.    That is part of my worship.  I couldn't help it.  I jumped and screamed.  You might say that is not call for.  But if you knew how long I was waiting and being faithful, THE PRICE OF MY OIL, you will understand.  I surprised the people in the restaurant.  The waitress said that she thought something happen.  Something did happen.  God came through like He said He would.  We have to trust Him and hold on.   We serve an awesome God!  And I am not ashamed to worship Him wherever and whenever!

I had the pecan-crushed chicken salad (750 calories), two glasses of rash berry iced tea (didn't want to know how much calories) and a glass of water to wash the sweet of the iced tea away.  If I keep eating like that I can never stop jogging.

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