Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's Sunday!

Hey everyone! After staying up most of the night creating this blog I was almost late for church. Now we can't have that. Or can we? Let me ask you a question? Do we have to go to church every Sunday to be close to God? Will you feel guilty if you miss a Sunday? I will feel out of place if I stop going completely but not one Sunday. I love to fellowship with like-minded people. I love to praise and worship God In church. I love to get fill with Wisdom, knowledge and understanding. But I do not limit What I receive or need to the church. It's a building. What do you think? Got home and fix myself something to eat. I asked my grandson( a 4year old) why didn't he fix grandma some food. He said that I have to teach him how to cook. Now that will be a trouble. But I will try. You see since I am an empty-nester, I try to stay away From the stove. The food I fixed was just to feed the flesh. Where the Bahamian food at? Looking forward to your comments God Bless!


  1. I know the word states Not forsaking the assembly of ourselves together. I felt guilty at first I missed a sunday from church. Grew up going every Sunday then that season of rebelling and not going at all. Then comming back and having that hunger for God. Yet God or the devil what was meant for evil God let me know im not interested in routine or tradition. Relationship is what I want. So Praise and worship and fellowshop is daily not just in the building. The enemy wants us to believe it just in the building.

  2. I have to admit that if I'm not in church every Sunday, I feel a sense of guilt and condemnation, but to God be the glory I know that is the devil. We are the church and we assemble ourselves in a building to worship and praise God . So although I choose to go to church every Sunday I don't believe that we have to. I believe that God is where ever we are and We can throw our hands up and praise him where ever, but that we should still make time to assemble ourselves together as the word says.