Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hey everyone,

When I first started this blog I said to myself that I will write at night.  After a full day of activities.
Of course God had another plan.  To write when He prompts me to. 

Last night I went to the Women Rescue Mission in Miami with our outreach ministry.  What makes last night different is that the lady that watches the children while the connection is going on did not come .
I volunteered.  Wow!  Those kids did a job on me.  I kept  praying, Lord, let me do this with love, patience and kindness.  At times all I can see is movement.  Although I am with my grandson a lot, he is quiet.  He likes to watch Tv, play games and have these amazing conversations with me. He is one.  Last night, it felt like I was surrounded by a million kids.  I was totally out of my environment.  You say, but you raised 4 girls.  yes, 4 girls that were avid readers.  Quiet!!!  If I have to do it again, please Lord, be in the room with me!!!

I found out why my left side hurts. (from my hip to my toes). When I step out of the church van, I put my entire weigh on my left leg.  You see, I am short (5ft) and the van is high.  So to get out, I will slide to the ground, using my left leg as cushion.  I now have to figure out a way to get out of the van safely.

God have a way of revealing things to us and testing us!  Those kids last night was a test for me.  Putting the fruits in action.  My concern about my left side. Showing me the reason why.

My appetite is changing.  I am now eating to live, than living to eat.   Thank you Lord!!!!

Pay attention, God is speaking and working!!!!!

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