Saturday, October 8, 2011


Hey everyone!

Let me ask you a few questions.  Does it seem like the members of the church you attends have lost their passion?
I mean do they come in on Sundays, have church and then go home?
Do they seem like they are not interested in doing anything beside putting in two hours on Sundays?
What about new programs?  Are they excited at first, maybe for two meetings and then they disappear?
I really feel that we as church members should be more concern than 2 hours on Sundays. 

I notice that for the "fun" stuff, there is a big turnout but for positive, long term stuff, the stuff that will make a difference, the attendance drops quickly.

Passion!!  Are we really living or just exiting??

My daugther brought me a delicious Asia chicken salad from McDonalds. That and a glass of water.  A must have!
Oh. have you ever had zucchini nut muffins? They are a little sweet, so its best to have them for breakfast.
With any flavor tea.  Another must have!

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