Friday, October 14, 2011

Was......not now!

Hey everyone,

Why is it that your family and friends, who know your past, do not want to accept your change?  "Yeah right" they say.  You can see disinterest in their eyes.  They know that you are different but they do not believe its real.  Well, I will not dance for you.  I will not perform for you.  God's light is shinning in me and through me.  .  I will continue to do what is require of me.  But it does bother me sometimes when my loved ones reject me.

King David said that though my mother and father forsake me, God will receive me.  So there!
I just wanted to point that out.  Back to when you know that you know you are on the right track, NOTHING or ANYONE  can (should) make you change directions.

I jogged this morning.  My side still hurts but not as much as yesterday.  Dinner tonight was a 6-inch  ham and cheese sub from Subway.  Yeah!!!  Someone asked me if I eat during the day. Yes I do.  Mostly fruits  and lots of water.  I loves Welch's seedless grapes from BJ's.  You can find the black, green and red varieties at BJ's.  For a unfruit (is that a word?) I will have Planters unsalted mixed nuts. 

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