Saturday, October 1, 2011

Now is the time!

Being an empty-nester for me, is a wonderful experience. Most people will not embrace such an opportunity. But I have. God have blessed me with time. The saying goes "time waits for no one" but the time we have can be used in so many positive ways. Lets face it. We do waste it. We can find the time for things we want to do. Entertainment is on the top of most people's list. We will make time for that. Hanging with our friends, shopping, movies, laying around the house. Anything that is not "work" we will gladly make room for. Ask most of us to do something that requires movement and there is no financial gain, we will not have time. Who wants to give time away? Although we do it freely, daily but only for our benefit. For me, my children are grown and spreading their wings. That leaves me to fill those hours that I have gained productively. I choose ministry. Well God choose ministry for me. Any free time that I have is spent serving. Knowing that I Can reach out to someone, put a smile on their face with encouraging words or just my presence gives me a sense of fulfillment. Showing that someone care enough to take the time to say "you are not alone" Time!

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