Thursday, October 13, 2011

My First Time!

Hey everyone! I just got back from a spiritual retreat send-off. It's a celebration for all candidates who are going on the retreat. We worship and pray for all first timers, so that their hearts will be open and they are humble enough to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to them. I hope I am explaining this correctly. I remember my first time! I got sick days before and the doctors wanted to admit me in the hospital but The Holy Spirit spoke to me, telling me that I had an important appointment. The retreat. I listened. I was very sick, breathing problems, but God kept me and that experience changed my life forever. After coming off the retreat, I gave my life totally over to God. There is nothing that can be said and there is nothing can be done that will make me turn back. Like I said last night, I didn't jog this morning. I am feeling better. One thing I noticed is that the days I don't jog, are the days I eat everything in sight. I am so mindful of what I eat on the days I do jog. Why is that? I had stewed conch with peas and rice, Mac and cheese, and a toss salad. Everything is a non-no for except the toss salad. But tonight, it went down.

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