Monday, November 28, 2011


Hey everyone,

Thanksgiving with family and friends in Palm Bay was awesome!
Everyone came together and made it a Thanksgiving to remember.

I am so excited because this Saturday is my FIRST book-signing.  More to come.  But this one is special.
Special because it proved that trusting God to do what He said He will do when  you obey Him.  All His promises He made.  I see them coming true because I believes Him.

Preparations are in order.  No worries!  God said the book will take care of itself and I have Faith in His every Word.

During the Thanksgiving Holiday,I ate everything that was not tied down BUT, I also jogged.  I jogged for 8, yes 8 miles on Thanksgiving morning.  I jogged from my cousin Lisa's house to the park, which was 3 and a half miles, 1 mile in the park and back to her house. Round-trip, 8 miles.I was making room, lol.  Then on Saturday, I jogged 4 miles. Getting rid of some of the stuff I ate. No guilt trip here!
This morning I jogged 4 miles. Routine in place.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A desire of my heart!

Hey eveyone,

Praising God, Full!

A friend of my sent me an e-mail and said that finally I gave birth to my baby.  I wrote her back saying that I am pregnant now and will give birth to another soon.  I will have many babies.  After all they are blessings from God.  Of course she is talking about my book.  A dream, a want ,a desire, a yearning!

God has been so good to me.  I have so much gratitude.  I am screaming, I am shouting, I am running through my house. 

God will do everything He say He will do.  Trust Him, Obey Him.  If He say do it, do it.
He will be with you every step of the way. 

My God!  I honor You, I praise You.  I am nothing without You!!!!!!

I am going to Palm Bay for Thankgiving!  My college divas will be meeting me there.
My working divas will arrive Wednesday.


Friday, November 18, 2011

God is moving!!!

Hey everyone,

This is me with my books that arrived today in ample time for my book-signing on the 3rd of December at New Jerusalem Baptist Church in Hollywood, Fla at 1pm to 3pm.

This is the link to purchase SMOOTHIES FOR THE SOUL online.

I say God is moving because these two events happened today.

My book cover that I shared a few blogs ago. 

You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being. Rev. 4:11.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Saying NO!

Hey everyone,

I have been asked to help with this  and to help with that.  I used to say "yes" all the time.  Juggling my time.  Multi-tasking.  Being exhausted. Was I trying to please everyone? That's impossible.  Was I trying to get brownie points?  I find that I was fighting for the time to do what God called me to do.  So I stopped.

I started saying NO!

This is for those who have this problem.  The "Yes" problem. Stop!  Give your Calling priority.  Everything else will fall in place. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.......  You might say I don't have time to do what God is calling me to do because I have all this stuff needing my attendance.  Give God time and He will take care of the rest.
If you are exhausted as I was, won't it be great to have someone to help you?  God will. 

I am so excited!  This year I am going to travel!  I love traveling.  I am going to Palm Bay for Thanksgiving and Texas for Christmas!  God got awesome plans for me next year.

Haven't started  the 5-mile jog yet.  Push Paula Push!!!!

I made a delicious chicken soup.  My grandson and I were shaking our legs and humming as we consumed it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Do not compromise!

Hey everyone,
Since introducing my book to the world, I have been tested and tempted. Things that I have not thought about for a long time, are started to surface.  A little at a time.  But the moment that I set up a day for the book release, all hell broke loose.  My mind, thoughts, folks playing games. The devil is busy.  He is trying to stop me.  Trying to put road blocks in my way, ditches for me to fall in.  He will use anyone.

I am going to be bold, strong, keeping my mouth shut.  Watching, eyes wide open.


I will not compromise.  Nothing looks better to me than God's promises to me. 

I ate bananas and grapes all day yesterday. 
I took a 4-day break from jogging. I am missing it. Spending time with my grandson.   A constant "grandma"
I love him so.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Hey everyone!

Have you ever noticed that the more determine you are to do what you are called to do, the more those closer to you will fight you?  Make surprisingly comments?  Drop hints of their displeasure in their conversation?
Fake smiles and the such?   Why is it that way?  Shouldn't they be happy for you?  If God is blessing you that means He will bless them too.  After all He died for all of us.  He bear the cross alone to save the whole world.  He did not pick and choose.  He did not say that you must dress a certain way, speak probably, come from the right neighbor, drive the latest car, have the biggest house on the bloke...and on and on.

No!  He drank the cup for all. 

Search your heart and see if you harbor any resentments for anyone.  Pray to God to help you  in removing that stain.  Take your nose out of the air, you might trip and the person you resents might be the one to help you up!

I made  Turks and Caicos Islands-style fish soup last night.  Ground veggies and tilapia (wanted grouper or snapper, hey its fish).  My grandson and I  ate until we couldn't move.  That's good eats!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hey everyone,

I was having a conversation yesterday with someone about people making excuses for their actions.
I agreed with her to a certain point, she did not agreed with me at all. I understood what she was saying but she refused to to see my point.  Also she was talking very loudly so I ended the conversation.

I said that God sometimes allow things to happen to us to test us, to teach us, and/or to take us where we need to go to get where He wants us to be.  She said that she hates when people use God as an excuse. 

Sometimes we deliberately do things and then cry out to God to get us out of it.  I have done it and I am sure you have too.
  But we have to understand that God does allow things to happen.  Think about Mary, going around pregnant, saying she is a virgin, people talking about her, calling her names.  Joseph's friends laughing at him.  I am sure that was not easy for them but God had a purpose, a plan.  Look at Job, so faithful and so rich.  Hell broke loose in his life.  People asking where is his God now, even his wife losing the faith, (did she have faith or was it just Job?) and there are many examples in the Bible. 

We have to get to that level where we see a reason for, and not to point fingers.  If we are fighting with what is going on, pray about it.  Ask God to let us show compassion to others regardless of their situations.

Remember God has a purpose, a plan.

I had a Mcdonald's Bacon and crisp salad for dinner.  Too much bacon.