Monday, November 28, 2011


Hey everyone,

Thanksgiving with family and friends in Palm Bay was awesome!
Everyone came together and made it a Thanksgiving to remember.

I am so excited because this Saturday is my FIRST book-signing.  More to come.  But this one is special.
Special because it proved that trusting God to do what He said He will do when  you obey Him.  All His promises He made.  I see them coming true because I believes Him.

Preparations are in order.  No worries!  God said the book will take care of itself and I have Faith in His every Word.

During the Thanksgiving Holiday,I ate everything that was not tied down BUT, I also jogged.  I jogged for 8, yes 8 miles on Thanksgiving morning.  I jogged from my cousin Lisa's house to the park, which was 3 and a half miles, 1 mile in the park and back to her house. Round-trip, 8 miles.I was making room, lol.  Then on Saturday, I jogged 4 miles. Getting rid of some of the stuff I ate. No guilt trip here!
This morning I jogged 4 miles. Routine in place.

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