Monday, November 7, 2011


Hey everyone!

Have you ever noticed that the more determine you are to do what you are called to do, the more those closer to you will fight you?  Make surprisingly comments?  Drop hints of their displeasure in their conversation?
Fake smiles and the such?   Why is it that way?  Shouldn't they be happy for you?  If God is blessing you that means He will bless them too.  After all He died for all of us.  He bear the cross alone to save the whole world.  He did not pick and choose.  He did not say that you must dress a certain way, speak probably, come from the right neighbor, drive the latest car, have the biggest house on the bloke...and on and on.

No!  He drank the cup for all. 

Search your heart and see if you harbor any resentments for anyone.  Pray to God to help you  in removing that stain.  Take your nose out of the air, you might trip and the person you resents might be the one to help you up!

I made  Turks and Caicos Islands-style fish soup last night.  Ground veggies and tilapia (wanted grouper or snapper, hey its fish).  My grandson and I  ate until we couldn't move.  That's good eats!!!

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