Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hey everyone!

Saw a friend today in noon-day Bible Study I haven't seem in a long time.   I was so glad to see him.
Do you know someone that when they come around, you get a sense of contentment.  You do not have to worry if they are up to no good?  You just know in your spirit that they are good?  Well, this friend, to me, is like that.
Do you have anyone in your life that you genuinely love to have around?  When you see them, you face lights up? Their face lights up? Time and space do not matter.  They are in your presence now. I hope you do because we need those kind of people in our lives.
Lets talk about special friends.
Had another juicy salad today with grilled chicken, pecans, cranberries and slices of oranges.  There is a name for it.  I don't care about the name.  It was delicious!! 

 Oh! I jogged 4 miles this morning.  I am adding a half of a mile each month up to 5 miles.

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