Saturday, October 22, 2011

I am not ashamed!

Hey everyone!

Should I not mention that I know who God is?  Should I only acknowledge Him in church?  I am happy when someone say that I will correct them  to do the right thing.  Or when I am called  sister Paula. I am not embarrass to be recognize as a servant of God in public. Jesus said that if  we are ashame of Him and His message, He will be ashame of us when He returns. I know that God is proud to know that His light can be seem shining through me.  I am boasting because I am boasting in the Lord.  I am not ashamed to be associated  with Jesus.  After all He is my best friend and my First Love!  Lord, thank You for reaching down from Heaven and taking my hand.  I am proud to be a servant and a soldier in the Your Kingdom.

I went to a birthday celebration for our first lady last night.  Had a great time!  She was really surprised. I ordered a salad then changed my mind.  Wanted to eat something different, so I ordered the endless shrimp entree and lost my appetite.  I packed everything up for my grandson.  He loves shrimp.  Ok, now I need a salad.  One that I can dig into, veggies galore, meaty and nutty.  Where oh where can I find such a salad?  You might say make one.  I tried that.  Something is missing.  There is something to sitting in a restaurant and eating a salad.  Its the atmosphere! The ambiance!  Its lost on a home-made salad.

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