Saturday, August 25, 2012

God did it again!!

Hey everyone! God did it again! He allowed me to be published a second time and He is not finish with me yet! On the 13th of July 2012, Honey Flowers was released.

  Honey Flowers is God's Grace! 

How God kept me through it all! How He was there every step of the way, that even though I fall, many times, He kept on picking me up. His mercy for all of my misguided paths!! 


 Every women has a story, Honey Flowers is mine!!

 Me smiling after the journey!

At Honey flowers book signing!  Saying a silent prayer!  Thanking God for being so faithful!


The book signing line!  Dreams do come true when you put your trust in God!

 Sharing!!  How God took a messed up life and transform it into a life of abundance!

Thank You God for considering me important enough to save!

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