Saturday, January 21, 2012

More to come!

Hey everyone,

Yesterday was another step in  promoting my book "Smoothies for the Soul".  I did a promo.  An advertisement  for on-line viewing.  When its done, it will be shown here, on facebook and hopefully on my website(in the making). God said that the book will take care of itself but faith without work is dead.  So I am doing everything to promote knowing that it will take off! Fly!!!

I recorded a few of my poems. The idea is to use my voice and to read as many poems from my book as possible in the allowed time. Of course eloquence was in place! Endure (page 138) was chosen.  Although it was an audio promo, I felt like a movie star. Take one! Action! Over and over again!  So much fun! God is working!!

I have discover for some time an amazing tea, Organic Chai Tea. Actually my daughter drinks it. I tried it and fell in love! I told a friend of mine that I drink it with brown sugar.  He said to try it with sugar in the raw.  To get the ultimate favor, I boil the teabag and one teaspoon of sugar!  Try it and let me know your results.

oh...oh.. A cup of desire!!!!

Oh, did I tell you that I am now jogging 5 miles. My goal of jogging 5 miles at the end of 2011 was not met, but the first week of January I was able to accomplished it. I want to jog 6 days a week. Work in progress! Forward jog!

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