Monday, January 6, 2014


Hey everyone,

It's been at least six months since we chat.  I was and maybe still am on a roller coaster but I am now focus on only one thing besides my relationship with God. My focus is that I must go forward.
This mountain that I was circling for the past six months must be crossed over.

There are things that came up that was distracting me. Well things that I have allowed to distract me.
I have discovered something over the holidays. Well I wouldn't say I discovered it.
I think what happen is that God has put me in such a position that I definitely don't have any choice but to face what maybe I was hesitance to face.
Even up to yesterday I have allowed myself to be detoured and the Holy Spirit had to remind me that I have to move forward. I don't have a choice.

So here I am!

God is blocking or cutting off all turns that I want to run to so I am pulling up my boot scraps,
And face my Goliath. The thorn in my side!

God is with me and going before me!!

Hey readers,
I want to try something new. Let's interact! I want comments! FEEDBACK!
I will love to hear from you.


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