Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rest! Go to sleep!

Hey everyone,

We sometimes run this race called life without a thought of rest.  Why do we feel that we can go and go like the energizer bunny without a thought about what we are doing to ourselves?  Even God found it necessary to rest.  In Genesis 2:2 it says that after six days of creating God rested on the seventh day. God is all powerful and decided to rest so why do we who are mere humans think that we can go non-stop?  We need to sleep or rest because it recharges our body, its a function that repairs and restores us.

Don't think you are so indispensable that you sleep at work, you can be replaced!

Never get to this point that you sleep in your clothes, that means that you have pushed yourself unnecessarily. 

Yes work, but learn to relax!

Make sleep just as important as anything else! YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU!

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