Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hey everyone,

As I was writing my book, Honey Flowers, I knew I had to share in every possible way I can to help someone know that there is a God who knows all and will receive them with open arms.  From the time my book was published in June 2012, I have been nudged to go forward.  I have gone forward on all roads that seem easy, but there is one road that now in February 2013, almost a year since my book publication that I have now become bold enough to go forward on.  I know that God got my back in everything He ask me to do but we are sometimes slow in obeying Him.  When He wants you to do something, He will nudge you until you do it.  So NOW I am being obedient again. If you read my earlier blogs, you will remember that God said that He gave me time.  Time to do all that He called me to do.  My 24/7-365 belongs to Him.  So here I am Lord, Your child ready to do ALL that You call me to do.
Forgive me for being slow to answer and thank You for being a patient Father, Amen!

a vision, step by step

working out a plan

preparation, putting it all together

finished product

staying with it even when you stand alone

its a process, without the vision, the planning and  preparation there will not be a finished product. Then after all that, keep on working at it to keep it alive.  You have to feed it so that it lives.

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