Thursday, May 24, 2012

Reaching out!!!

Hey everyone,

Its being a while!  God is doing so much in my life but I cannot forget my faithful readers.

I will continue to reach out as long as God allows me to. I am following the path He made for me.

Being of service!

Reaching out to all!
Helping someone up!

My primary focus is reaching out to others.
I believe and God's Word says so that whatever we do in this life it should concern others.
Jesus said to go out!! Feed my sheep!

So I go out! 

In this wonderful world of technology, if I cannot physically be there, God have provided so many amazing tools for me to use. I am a blogger, you are reading it, Living An Abundant Life and faithfully writes on "The God's Got This!", NJFMBC Body Transformers" and "Smoothies For The Soul" pages on Facebook. I uploads the Daily Word on the New Jerusalem Baptist Missionary Baptist Church page and daily writes words of encouragement, and connects with others through status, messages or IM on my personal page on Facebook.    

E-mail, drop someone a "how are you?", "thinking of you"
The wonderful world of Facebook

Pick up that phone, call or text

Give of yourself, your life will be the better for it!

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